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Elvira-HOH Thread

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Do people really buy LEs because there's a supposedly limited number of them?

Interested to know why LE buyers choose them over Premiums?
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LE’s did offer more..
Powder coated & different shape hardware,
Speaker upgrade
Foil/ mirror decals*
Mirrored Backglass*
Designers Signature
Shaker Motor

The price between LE’s and Prems sure to be around £1500 difference.

Now they are £4000+ difference.

You can get pretty much all the extras separately for way less.. coupled with the LE variations that are now coming out, the lure of the LIMITED EDITION and FOMO is becoming less attractive…. Well at least to me.

Just my opinion of course

*mirrored backglass and foil decals- are inconsistent - I guess depending on licence cost and BOM. Starwars LE had the 3 translites- would have expected mirrored.

BM66 SLE foil decals, then GZLE, then EHOH 40th for example.. All LE should have them
Ah but only a very limited number available. Well I don’t consider 500 a very limited number! A lot of limited editions were 500 so how does it now become “Very” limited number.
Stern just take the P**s!
Nice that they’ve added a little code update for all owners with this like JP 30th. Looking forward to seeing the new modes
Elvira's House of Horrors

Your same Host, your same Game

Premium Edition
Limited Edition
Signature Edition
40th Anniversary Edition
Blood Red Kiss Edition


New Elvira Code out -1.07
* *
* *
* *
* *

HELP US, HELP YOU! If you have any suggestions, questions, need technical
advice, find errors or have comments, contact us through our website:


or call 1-800-542-5377. You can also email bug.report@sternpinball.com to
report any software problems.

This text file and all other documents relating to this product, playfield
components, features, rules, programming and operation are subject to change
without notice (Service Bulletins, if applicable, available through our

Update instructions - Games connected to Stern Insider Connected:
1 - Open the coin door and press the black/enter button to enter Test Mode.
2 - Using the 4 buttons on the coin door, navigate to the Stern Insider Connected Setup menu.
3 - Using the 4 buttons on the coin door, navigate down to the Software Update menu.
4 - If a software update is available, this page will give you the option to
download and install it manually. From this menu you can also select to install these
updates automatically.

Update instructions - All Games:
1 - Download the zip file
2 - Unzip the file, this will create a folder that contains SPK file(s).
3 - Open the folder, copy the file(s) to the root level of a FAT32 formatted
USB stick. (Do not copy the folder.)
4 - Power game off
5 - Insert USB stick
6 - Turn on game
7 - After game boots up it will give the option for software update
8 - Volume buttons change options for full or quick update. Enter selects the
option and starts the update.
9 - Once update is completed game will prompt user to power game off and
remove USB stick.

V1.07.0 - October 31, 2023

- Game changes
- Blood Red Kiss Limited Edition
- For Blood Red Kiss Limited Edition machines.
- Unique Blood Red Kiss attract mode and splash screens.
- Exclusive Blood Red Kiss game start speech.

- Added exclusive Elvira 40th Anniversary game start speech.

- Added Pew-Pew-Pew mode.
- How to Start: Collect and use three ray guns from the action button.
This lights up the left ramp/trunk.
Shoot the left ramp/trunk to start.

- How to Play: All switches "pew" for a limited amount of time.
When certain numbers of "pews" are achieved, "pew" scores are increased.

- Added newly recorded Elvira in-game speech.
- Added new Gargoyle UI animations.
- Modified "Junk in the Trunk" item icons in the main UI to increase legibility.
- Modified "Junk in the Trunk" item effects to be higher values.
- Modified "Junk in the Trunk" item collection to give currently highlighted items upon 36-24-36 completion.
- Modified Ray Gun action button usage to be on a 5 second delay. This change is related to Pew-Pew-Pew addition.
- Modified Haunt mode lights so the house and cellar lights up the shot arrow similar to the haunt color.
- Modified Haunt mode lights to be more consistent with the intended haunt colors.
- Modified Extra Ball award to hold the ball in the house.
- Modified Director's Cut light to blink during Director's Cut.
- Fixed some Elvira speech issues where she would speak after cancel-out.
- Fixed Attic Attack Multiball intro speech to match the movie being played.
- Fixed an issue where Director's Cut completion did not award 100 million points upon completion.
- Fixed an issue where They Came From Space completion did not award 100 million points upon completion.
- Fixed an issue where Elvira would speak over Game Over Match Award.
- Fixed an issue where Market Value interrupted the final shots of modes.
- Fixed an issue where Market Value reset its score prematurely when
it was available to collect but before being awarded
- Fixed a soft lock that occurred when the game was tilted during director's cut.

- System changes
- Updated to System V3.50
- Updated to nodeboard firmware/protocol v1.12.0
- Conagent v1.0.14
- Various behind the scenes improvements for correctness and performance.
- If Home Team menu is present, a popup window will make you confirm a game start when no user was selected.
- Added Verified Location with checkmark when appropriate to attract mode Coin and Login screens.
Has anyone else installed the latest update? Any issues?

I’m finding it a bit weird after the update. The cellar ramp is randomly opening and closing when it feels like it. I got node bus errors in 1, 8 and 9 but those say they are upper and lower playfield - could be bad naming of them but I’m thinking there is no upper/lower playfield unless they are just describing the top and bottom of the playfield.

Is it possible to rollback to earlier firmware versions? Assume just grab earlier version and chuck it into a usb and do update? Will that work or will it complain as I’m downgrading?

Anyone any thoughts?
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