TILT!Audio 1.25 with "red board" is out

Pick Holder

Beta Tester
Jul 18, 2016
Bournville, Birmingham.
I think he should hand it over to someone else or get someone else involved if he cannot commit particularly if you can still send money, it would be a shame to shut it down as it is such a good project. He has the PCB on easyeda.com open to public download so they are easy to modify and to get manufactured.
Thing is - there is many errors on the PCB along with the software (that someone would have to re-write to get rid of the registration need).

I think it would cost half the price of a Pinsound to get the Tilt Audio up and running IF the PCBs and software worked.


Beta Tester
Jul 21, 2011
Fixed mine last night, added the ground mod and removed the wire on the DAC for XSMT as you only need L G R G on there.

Needs tweaking now for the sounds but at least i have sound :)