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Team TNA - The UK's Total Nuclear Annihilation Pinball Club

Do you ever give it a nudge when it’s not gonna make the top flipper ?

I meant that don’t loose hope as i’m not improving either 😂
All the time. I nudge it constantly so that it bounces madly around in the upper playfield and takes the reactor critical. Otherwise, I have to keep shooting it up there and there's a risk of draining.
If glass rattle is a problem, another solution that works (I put it on mine) is to put a length of foam tape down the long edges of the glass. I think this is what I used.
Ok, it’s finally arrived - i guessed 8mm wide @2mm thick ?

Just wanted to check where / how you fitted it please - on the glass or 1 side of the runner ?
Ok, it’s finally arrived - i guessed 8mm wide @2mm thick ?

Just wanted to check where / how you fitted it please - on the glass or 1 side of the runner ?

I put a length along each long side of the glass, as close to the edge as I could get it.
It is on the underside of the glass, so the glass rests on top of the tape.
At both ends I left the tape a little longer than the glass and wrapped it around the end of the glass - this is particularly important at the "far end" (end of the glass that goes into the guides first and ends up next to the backbox) as it helps to stop the tape from being pulled off when installing the glass.

Easiest way to get it straight was to attach it at one end, removing a couple of inches of the backing paper, wrapping it round the end of the glass to stick it in position, then pull it slightly stretching it the whole length of the glass. While holding it in position at the near end of the glass, pull off the backing paper sticking it to the glass, and wrap the short bit of excess around the end of the glass.

Apologies for the rubbish photos, but something like this (the light on the 2nd one makes it look a lot dirtier than it actually is)!!


Thank you - i shall have a look tonight - unless you fancy a game and a beer ?
Thanks for the very kind offer, but I'm out playing table tennis tonight, and away with cricket at the weekend!

Would love to pop over for a game at some point soon though! 👍
Well i have installed the tape. A little cautious it might peel if i remove the glass a couple times but will wait a few days for the glue to adhere. Only been able to have volume on 3 but so far perfect and low sub frequency was affecting it on volume 2

I will give it a blast on 6 tomorrow ( maybe 7 before i get told to turn it down ) 🤣

This is with the new Invisiglass


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Thanks to Pinball Heaven for a service call yesterday and sorting out all the target and slingshot switches.
Keypad working a treat now and registering all shots when they hit, along with the reactor targets and top slingshots now effective ( maxed out reactor twice in 2 games )

Noticed I have wear on flipper rubbers and left of keypad target rubber - Happy days
Only just noticed this. It stood longer than I thought it would!
Only managed to get near 2k points once since my GC day.
Getting into a groove now and hit up 4 player and go from there. Average score seems to be around 700 with up to 3 reactors
I get mystery award more frequently now and beginning to use the game to my advantage - like ball save, soft plunge and going for a ball lock over a reactor start scoop shot
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Scott / Col - Great to finally meet you both. Thought of a Team TNA photo that would have been a great one for our games rooms
Next time…

Clearly got caught up on Retro Dave’s stall and bought me some cleaner and playfield wax - what a game changer - people shuddered when i said what i’d bought for TNA
Wish i had cleaned and waxed it sooner

That with some flipper rubbers @Jmac gave me to try ( not Titan ) i’m getting some interesting back spin
The clean and wax has me getting more accurate plunges and a lot more right side orbits - i’ve based this on my usual “4 player all by my self mode”

Whilst cleaning was saddened to see a chip top side of the reactor scoop - any ideas how i can prevent it spreading please ?

Also the shooter lane metal isn’t as fixed as i expected - used some of the sponge tape i got for the glass rattle and it’s sitting much firmer now.

Oh, and couldn’t resist fitting a black light under the apron - mmm….


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First time I waxed my TNA I also thought "what have I done?!" but tbh it plays even nicer like that, so smooth :)

My scoop has a mark developing in the same place. Plan to fit some mylar around it...
Just noticed one of the kicker arms in my reactor is badly bent 😱 Not making contact with the wood on the side but has dented the front... Will contact spooky support about this.


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Just noticed one of the kicker arms in my reactor is badly bent 😱 Luckily doesn't seem to be making contact with the wood. Will contact spooky support about this...

Ouch, you can see where the kicker arm has hit the wood.
Ouch, you can see where the kicker arm has hit the wood.
Yeah I noticed that after posting - edited above.

Bent it back into shape today and seems to be fine. Felt surprisingly easy to bend back, almost a bit soft... Or maybe I'm just super strong haha 💪:cool:
I’m not surprised about the softness of the arm. Simply removing the 2 screws on the shooter plate had me having to throw some glue down there as there was no thread left to screw it back into. Such a shame as the game is worthy of better build quality

I agree on the mylar and not the cliffy - had my 4 player tonight and my usual scores have quadrupled - defo no nightmares on wax - i enjoy the miss shots on the scoop and what not.
what shape on the mylar ? square - long - over the edge ?
Noticed one of the top lane dividers was loose today. Had a look and the bolt is just spinning in the wood. No nut on the other side or threaded sleeve in the playfield. Tightened it as best I could (may need some locktite) and then the entire bottom LED display just fell out! Both screws just spinning in the wood.

Doesn't bode well for a pin with 50 games on. Anyone else had issues with loose bolts?
I noticed my left top lane divider was very loose but it tightened up fine. Only the left screw holding down the shooter ramp was spinning
Has your power supply blown up yet ? ☹️
I've had to tighten the top lane dividers. The two left ones in particular get loosened by the ball it seems. Around 650 plays fwiw...
One day this might be me and i’ll sing from the rooftops even on 5 ball !

“What was that”

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Could someone confirm the size of the upper flipper. Is it 2" or 2.1/4" ? My measuring tools make it 2" 1/10th or do you measure it including the rubber ?
I need to also look closer at my kicker in the reactor area, I see one has been making contact with the wood also.

Had a few games last night and could not beat 2nd reactor. First time playing since Pinfest and the game is like lighting quick, forgot how fast it was after playing so many other games at Pinfest.
I've had to tighten the top lane dividers. The two left ones in particular get loosened by the ball it seems. Around 650 plays fwiw...

Turns out a matchstick is the perfect size for the hole. Snapped one in half and the screw has tightened up nice and tight now. The screws they've used aren't long enough. They barely make it into the playfield
well lookie here - my first guess would be its caused by the flipper

Also I have this issue with my right flipper - happened when it gets warm - like the last few days. I open the coin door and it slowly goes away but during a 4 player game it comes back



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