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UKPinfest 2022 - August 26th, 27th & 28th

Bit of a repeat of the thank you post, but worth it i think.

Thanks @NLP team @Phil palmer @CHRIS B PINBALLS and @everyone that played the 'pay for' pins at Pinfest last weekend. The NLP team and Chris have kindly donated over £500 of the takings to the Pancreatic Cancer Just giving page - such a generous thing to do thank you very much.

Thanks to everyone that has donated, you have made a difference you are all fantastic!

After a few games on your Orbitor at NERG, then a few more at pinfest I still have no idea how to play it or which way is "up". At pinfest I did discover it has a 2 ball multiball, but no idea how I started it.
Another great show, lovely to see everyone and talk nonsense and not actually play that much pinball.

Hope I didn't offend anyone but I did manage to balance an entire chess set on to of a very sleepy @Poibug with Liz and the rest of the idiots that stayed up with me, so must have some something right.

Dunno why me having a nap in a nice chair is a problem but as always... IT'S POIBUG's FAULT ;)

See you all next year (If I'm allowed)
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Did the figures for the charity pins get posted anywhere?
Total raised? Most played pin? etc
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