The all new eBay Auctions / Facebook / Gumtree / Shpock 2021 thread!!


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Jul 20, 2020
Anyone on here get the Β£500 Pin Ball Pool from Facebook?

I’m so glad someone bought it! The missus would of killed me if I brought this home πŸ˜‚


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Jul 7, 2018
HLD customer service is shocking, I had the misfortune of buying a mame arcade machine from them, went to their show room, the sales guy wouldn't show me the one I drove 3 hours to look at and kept trying to sell me one 3x more expensive, took a month to deliver (which is fine) however missing the keys and couldn't get into it, endless calling and empty promises, they could't be bothered to check it before it was shipped. 3 months chasing them and nothing, in the end posting negative reviews on-line got a response, but by then it was too late as it was in storage due to re-location. I ended up drilling out the lock myself. Based on my personal experience i doubt you would get your money back.
I dodged a bullet with HLD

I was quite new to the hobby and I wanted a NBAFB and noticed they had one and they are just 10min down the road from me (I new of this site but was not an active member really) So phoned up about it and they said it was in stock and just needed it’s β€œ20 point check” and be ready in like 4 weeks. It was up for 3k (way over priced but I dint know that) so I paid the 50% deposit to hold it.... but 4 weeks past and they said it needed a new board.. few more months passed and was just excuse after excuse. I eventually went down to see the game and it was in the back of there avonmouth warehouse which is 95% pool tables and 5% some pins in the back corner Lolol. Helmet showed me around then showed me the game which was literally in a box Lolol. I was like errrr this ain’t getting done any time soon!! (This is like 3 or 4 months later) Sales offered it to me as a box of parts for me to assemble LOL for 2k!!!! and the game was not the best condition either... Helmet did offer to come over and help me build it :) (Helmet is cool, HLD not so much....)

Any way I googled them found some horror stories here and pulled out they did give back my deposit. Which they pretty much had to as literally did not have the product I wanted (4 months later) Luckily at the time @Neil McRae had a super nice one for sale for Β£1500 so grabbed that instead. It was 100 times nicer and complete!!!

HLD is 90% sales team who just want there commission. I don’t think they particularly care about the end consumer.

Have learnt a lot since then and my number one pin rule is ****ING AVOID HLD!!!! lol