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Thank You.

Thanks to @ianw for having me over tonight and introducing me to more of his fantastic machines and to Scorbit .Superb evening cheers.
Thanks to Mark @Mednec re his kind donation in exchange for the Sky Kings Pinball machine, should have taken a pic - hey ho... All picked up and off she goes.

Wil sort out the fund me donation page soon, no idea what i am on about then have a look here: -

I always forget about this thread so there's a loooong list of people I could have thanked.
But in the recent two weeks @AlanJ and @Zaccaria Keith have been life savers for me.

I've never had so many new pins arrive dead or dying at once and it's been a real struggle for me.
A huuuuuge thanks to Alan and Keith for showing patience and willingness to help me. Owe you many drinks at Pinfest!

👍All working now 🤞
Many thanks to @Ant-H for sending me not one but FIVE adhesive rings for free, and furthermore taking the time to cut them to size 🙏 Much appreciated mate!
A big thank you to @Gonzo who, yesterday, very kindly allowed me to spend some time with him and his cracking line up of games. You're a real asset to the community.

Mate, you're more than welcome and remember what I said when you left.

Also hope that you managed to catch the BM66 bug.
A huge 'Thank You' to Keith, @Slingshot99 , for the Square Head playfield for restoration. Its perfect for my purposes. Keith actually refused my offer for being too high, insisting on being paid half the amount including delivery!

I'll document the restoration process once I get started.
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