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  1. A

    Found it! Ghostbusters premium/limited edition

    Hi, Does anyone happen to have a ghostbusters pinball in premium or limited edition they would be willing to part with? I’ve searched high and low and not uncovered one 😞 Please PM or reply if so Thanks Dan
  2. F

    Alternate Medieval Madness Backglasses and Translites by Brian Allen

    Hi everyone, I'm an artist and I created this Alternative Acrylic Backglass artwork of the classic Medieval Madness Backglass. Officially licensed from Williams! These are in stock and shipping now. Fits in the Medieval Madness Classic and Remake, and also a lightbox. Limited Edition of 250 -...
  3. Mikonos

    Pinball Artworks Restored, Reproductions, Graphical Mods and Customizations

    Introduction about me: I´m Mikonos and I´m 19 year old in arcade and pinball hobby. I´m the webmaster of a fansite called "Zona Arcade. Construye, Restaura y Decora tu Máquina Arcade y Pinball" (14 years old) too. I always had same nickname. I´m a fan and a huge collector of arcade and pinball...
  4. Mikonos

    Pinball Cards in High Definition - Custom designs (a Showroom)

    Introduction about me: I´m Mikonos and I´m 19 year old in arcade and pinball hobby. I´m the webmaster of a fansite called "Zona Arcade. Construye, Restaura y Decora tu Máquina Arcade y Pinball" (14 years old) too. I always had same nickname. I´m a fan and a huge collector of arcade and pinball...
  5. strongs_uk

    Flipper Mechanic VR

    Anyone here like me who has a proper VR setup might want to check this out... Click Here "Become a Flipper Mechanic and repair the arcade machines. Look at the old auctions, bring them to the workshop and restore to the state of splendor, selling with profit. Expand your workshop, buy new...
  6. N

    For Sale Centaur & Fathom Pinball Machines for sale.

    Hey there. I'm Finally moving to a different city for my dream job & would unfortunately to give these two lovely machines out as i won't have the time to play either. i'm not too firm on the prices so offers are accepted. Sorry no trades lol. The fathom & centaur have been in my possession for...
  7. Big Phil

    Weekend trip to the Budapest Pinball Museum Friday 22nd November

    Still recovering from Rotterdam but here goes..... How about a weekend trip to the Budapest pinball museum? Maybe have the odd beer also? Just researching flights from Leeds/Bradford. £181 return. Stayed in a nice hotel when I was there just over a year ago - The Marmara. Quite close by to...
  8. Paul

    For Sale Pinball Clocks

    Hi all, Originally Advertised here : Due to unforeseen circumstances these are now both back up for sale. Hi all, Having a bit of a tidy up and have come across a Run-DMD clock (see the original thread here ...
  9. Eala Dubh Sidhe

    So I made my New Year's resolution...

    ...And that was to get another game out by the end of 2019. After two Heighway projects where I lost creative control and had the least amount of reward from, I wanted to take a step back, approach something less intricate but more fun, that I could inject more of my creative personality into as...
  10. ausretrogamer

    Pinball VS Arcade - The Battle For Your Coin in the 80s and 90s

    Article link: So which made more money for (US) operators, pinball or arcade? Everyone knows the answer, but some of the $$ figures are quite staggering! This was quite an interesting research project. The...
  11. pinballmania

    For Sale Embryon

    Fully working Embryon. Rare wide body Bally. Bad points :- Cabinet was painted by original operator, if you can figure out how to strip it, the original artwork might be under there. Backglass is complete, with minor imperfections, and has overall raised sections characteristic of this era...
  12. Eala Dubh Sidhe

    Reconnecting with the community...

    So... After having felt the need to keep my head down for such a long time for less than practical reasons, with everything that was going on with the Heighway Pinball situation, I have a *ridiculous* amount of damage to recover from. I have to get past this hideous no-win rut I've been in for...
  13. strongs_uk

    Wanted Virtual Pin Table (Where to buy?)

    I'm potentially after a FULL SIZED Virtual Pinball table. Can anyone recommend where to buy a good one? I've seen a few places selling them on eBay and I've done a quick search on Google but I'd rather get some opinions on the forum of where to buy a good one (as far as virtual pins are...
  14. Moonraker

    Easter Weekend Tournaments - Match Play and Pin Golf

    With no 8 bit flip this year I would be happy to open Special When Lit over Easter weekend for two or more tournaments if there is sufficient demand for them... Possibilities are: Main Classics Pin Golf High Score What say you? :hmm:
  15. R

    Wanted Family Guy (Stern)

    Hi all, last year, in fact almost to the day (since it came up on my facebook history) we saw what looked like a mint Family Guy table in Manchester Play Expo. I posted asking my wife whether we could get the time, my wife said we'd need a bigger house before she'd say yet. Well...
  16. Jb3d

    Chinese pinball machine?

    Has anyone ever seen one of these machines in action? There are several similar looking ones listed on Alibaba, the website for selling Chinese products. If you look at this link you can scroll down for more pictures and information. They look to be like a cross between a pinball machine (they...
  17. strongs_uk

    Sold Terminator 2 (T2) Nice Example.

    Only selling due to buying my Tron last week. I'll regret selling this but I can't justify more than one pin at the moment. This is a nice example of a T2. A playfield refurb was done approximately 4 years ago. Lots of new plastics and refurbished metal parts. LED's are mainly Premiums for the...
  18. Edward Joseph

    An Interesting Peripheral

    I have recently discovered the wonderful world of pinball, and while I do not have the money to purchase a table of my own - I do own a VIVE virtual reality headset with a couple of pinball games. However realistic virtual reality is, it doesn't feel quite the same to play with a normal xbox...
  19. Mooseman

    Wanted Congo plastics

    there seems to be a real shortage of congo plastics, even full sets are sold out around the world. If any one could provide hi res scans then I will have a go at making some, or the real parts would be good. Cheers This one is the most sort after, has been sold recently at pinball center...
  20. Mooseman

    Wanted Congo plastic

    Looking for a link to buy this plastic. This pic is from pinballcenter in Germany and seems to be the only one I can find other than a complete set. Unfortunately it is unavailable at the moment but I have registered an interest if they come back in stock.
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