Walking Dead

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    Northern Lights Pinball Show - 27th & 28th October 2018

    Visit the Thread here!!

    Buy your DISCOUNTED tickets here and support this event!

    Buying on the link above helps NLP and they are cheaper than the listed play expo tickets, and the on the door price.

    Also it allows you to get in before the general pay on the door public.

    This year their chosen charity is a local Blackpool one, Donnas dream house.

    Another weekend. Loads more machines. Be there.

carl lawrence

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Jul 31, 2011
I usually colour code different batches e.g. all the alien ones are green. I can do some red next if anyone is so ocd to need a specific colour for twd...
Now it did not bother me that ST is white and TWD is black , but now all I can think about is how cool will it look with a designer shaker cover in them .
Cheers Phil :rofl:
Likes: Neil McRae