The "I just beat my high score" thread


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Nov 19, 2011
Pudsey UK
Just got back from a pinball gathering. A huge thanks to @lee riley :thumbs: for hosting a brill afternoon and it was nice to put some faces to people on this forum along with some great forum members I already know.

Played DP for the first time and it’s a great game I really enjoyed. Thanks must go to Jim @myPinballs for his help and expertise. Managed to get the GC score :clap:

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Great score mate. Always fun to play as 4 with friends. Cheers as always to @lee riley . Always a top afternoon round yours with a top selection of games :)

Wayne J

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Jul 22, 2011
Had 2 great (almost consecutive) games last night at Phil's.
20190110_232327.jpg First a game on Deadpool, both quests completed, all three enemies completed, Sauron completed, and then Mystique and Sabretooth completed second time around (with Sauron helping them), started Juggernaut twice, but couldn't complete him. Shame as that would have had Mr Sinister wizard mode ready to go..

Then moved on to Dialed In
20190110_232053.jpg pretty poor first ball, lit one mode then drained straight out of it. Second ball was something else though. Managed to start 9 modes, completing 7 of them. Collected all of those SIM cards, and earned the others to allow me to get to Showdown in mini multiballs. Completed Showdown.
Was just one mode from getting to Armageddon, but drained trying to light the phone.
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