Stages of pinball ownership


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Oct 26, 2014
Having been on the forum for a few months, and having read quite a few posts from a variety of folk...... I wonder whether there are some clearly identifiable stages of ownership which can be grouped under two headings - the rational and the irrational.

1. Thinking about it. This can be for many years before you jump in. In my case from childhood until my mid 20s
2. Getting the first game, this lived in my lounge/spare room as I moved around the country
3. Getting more games, for which you have a sensibly allocated space. Storing the spares and tools in neat plastic boxes below the games. I have 4 berths in my home office, so my house is calm. No one sees any games or parts of games lying around when they visit. My shed, garage etc are all quite normal and storing what you would expect in there

4. Crossing the rubicon. Getting more games than you have sensibly allocated space for. I am potentially crossing this rubicon soon, so am wondering whether I sell one, or squeeze one in my currently pinball free garage. Or clear out my garden shed. Or whether I run the risk of a row by putting it in my lounge.
5. Becoming a hoarder. Having so many games that you have now filled your kitchen, 10m garden shed, garage, workshop so you have to start housing them off site, in storage containers, at friends etc
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Apr 7, 2013
Hanging at #2 for the moment.

Keep getting tempted to buy another Pin but being held back by the prospect of buying a bigger place. That and the fact i've got a honeymoon to pay for and the wife would take the garden shears to my nuts if I spent the honeymoon fund. To be fair she's more reasonable than all my ex's as they'd have never allowed a Pin even in the house.

Sam C

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Feb 8, 2012
Kettering, UK
Stage 3 myself, I can nicely fit 3 machines at the back of my semi-converted gamesroom garage in a line and have space towards the front for a multicade, work area and some storage although a freezer/tumble dryer live in there as well. I occasionally cross into stage 4 when @I TiltAlot offers up a game for loan which is too good to pass up on...:D
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May 1, 2012
Blackpool, UK
Lol - i loved the tactic you used tho @lukewells " You're not using the garden.... can i build a shed..." :D
lol, well the last shed didn't go to plan.

The Mrs came home from work and said "That's not a f**king shed, it's a barn"

Taking up the entire garden with a cabin has now cost me alot of money! :rofl:


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Feb 12, 2013
Aldershot, UK
actually 3 now as wife away
I like your style! I do that when she's not here. Bring a playfield in and put it on the dining table to work on without little comments like "That's not staying there all evening, is it?" Next time she's away for a week I'm going to drag a whole ruddy pin in just for the hell of it!
Been at Stage 5 for too long :rolleyes:

Always seem to have 1 too many in the Shack, folded up :rolleyes: 2 out on loan/storage with south coast pinheads. Poor old TZ hasnt been home for 4 years :tut: Space Station in permanent orbit at Mamma GrizZs.

I seem to be forever on the verge of the 'big cull' get down to single figures again.....but never quite seem to be able to follow thru. Sgt GrizZ has been thru a lot with some of these boys, I can't just turn them loose :cool:
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Apr 26, 2014
Strictly speaking stage 2, though my JD looks kinda out of place wedged next to the telly in my flat (and as previously mentioned, I had to take the front door off to get it in...).

There's also a special stage of madness for restoring a pin in an unlit/unpowered garage :(