Whirlwind Rewrite - Update


Nov 19, 2011
Pudsey UK
Getting back to this project as i have finally found myself a game to continue the journey on. For those not in the know i worked on a software rewrite of this game a few years back, took it to a few shows along with indy, but had to sell the game i had due to some unforeseen circumstances. Anyway, now we are back on the road!! :)

The pinside thread about it is here:


And, there's something new in the works to add to the project, which may be of interest to whirlwind fans. @Spandangler



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Mar 23, 2017
Wolverhampton, UK
In the far (far) future I plan on doing something similar with F-14 Tomcat. Like you've said in the pinside thread, adding an auto-launcher is a big thing to begin with for a lot of games that didn't have one, but I have a couple of extremely wacky and possibly fun ideas for how an auto-launch on F-14 would open up some very interesting options with the ball locks.

It's a very flat playfield with not many 'standard' ways to rewrite what's on the playfield, but I think it would be fun to have, say, a very stressing 'mode' where you have to hit a specific flashing target on hurry up, otherwise your ball drains a la Operation Thunder - but any pre-loaded ball locks would give you 'extra lives' for that mode and you could refill them during gameplay in modes if there was an auto-launch. I think you could even make the game a working seven-ball machine without any playfield hardware changes (beyond autolauncher addition) if the game went for a strategy of keeping all of the locks loaded at all times. A seven-ball multiball on F-14 would be nothing but a total gimmick, but it would be pretty damned funny. They could just be replacement balls for multiballs, but that's boring and practical.

A bit of wild creativity goes a long way even for a 'simple' playfield. Of course, whether the ideas are fun or not, is why you playtest...!

Sorry for the irrelevant ramble. I always get fired up by projects like this...
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