The "What is this part/Where is this from" Thread..


Sep 16, 2015
hi all,

i've been working on a zaccaria shooting the rapids for about 4 months now and have almost brought it back to life. I'm now down to the last few things and they're all pcb repair work. i know what i need but i dont know what the parts are called! trying to find something on farnell or rscomponents without a name is a bit heavy :D

so, can any of you good folk tell me what they call these display ribbon cable pcb terminals? the ones i'm replacing have 19 pins but thats not too much of an issue. it looks like just a standard display ribbon connector wire to pcb.

here's two pics of what i need:

and a link to what i can replace it with (the blue connector):

Any help or a link to it on rscomponents site would be a big help :)

And another pic just for the crack: