The Beatles in Belfast.

Sgt GrizZ

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Jul 21, 2011
40 clicks North of Saigon (or Brighton beach )
Belfast.... Early 60s, my Dad had 2 tickets to see The Beatles. Was due to take my Mum, this was a couple of years before they married. They had some silly argument that day and my Dad ended up taking another girl he knew.

My Mum never did see The Beatles live and always reminded my Dad of that whenever we would hear them at home on radio or TV. 'Hey did I tell you of the time I nearly saw The Beatles except your Dad took someone else'

Probably cost less than £2 too!

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Jay Walker

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Apr 19, 2013
Swansea, U.K.
I see what people mean about the similarity to Seawitch. Do I see a 'skill shot' consisting of bringing the ball into play down the 'runway' (AIR it being named) below the upper right flipper? I used to persevere at doing that on Seawitch, but only when there was a Special to be had


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Aug 10, 2011
Well on way back to airport so will try and have a go.
At least @DAD is here so he may earn a credit or two😀
Saw a great gig last night, The Interrupters were fantastic, and earlier had a pint or so in The fantastic Crown Inn meeting up with @BigIan