Switching broadband provider, any thoughts?


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Jul 6, 2012
Kingsbridge, Devon
Underground ducts currently only feed 7
Two questions what does a install like this cost and a monthly cost.

And for what reason does someone need such a fast line just curious.


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Install around 6k, 200 per month, but paying for 2 **** BB connections approx 70 per month, getting around 8mb down 1mb up, bonded, and when no else in area is watching netflix when I working ir trying to make voip calls.... holiday makers , school holidays who knows how slow it goes.

BTW I'm very rural
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Neil McRae

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Jun 5, 2016
Neil McRae
@Neil McRae
What happens in a situation like Ian's - how is the fibre actually brought from exchange to site - same underground ducting as the copper?
I've never been involved in a more rural install, only within very central London so just interested really.

Another fun fibre install story is the one about the newly refurbed building where the guys doing the refurb decided the way to tidy up the cable riser was to fill them with about 3 foot of cement - 'It's all wireless these days, no one runs cable and we did all new the pipework before filling it'

I could be mis-remembering the details but wasn't there some really s**t stuff being flogged as CAT6 knocking about that was copper coating over aluminium core?
It will come from the nearest T-Node which is a fibre connection point out in the fibre plant. We will then take it as much as possible in duct to the location, however, the water board uses our ducts to carry their sewage because their sewers are full of **** so more often than not, what should be a simple rope and pull ends up requiring digging to clear the duct then you get a meter down the road and you need to dig again, everytime we have to dig we need permits, road closures, traffic lights etc.

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Solar Sailer

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Jun 22, 2018
Devon Highways are challenging. They really are.
I gave up on there demands between Exeter and Torquay in the end.

Anyone in Cornwall not happy with BB speeds, speak to Devon Highways :p