For Sale Stumblor Lollypops - Full colour, reactive LED pop bumper rings


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Sep 16, 2018
London · Davey Price
Davey Price
Hi everyone - I'm Davey - a pinball obsessive, mod maker and strung out dad living in London. Hopefully you might have seen some of my mod work before, but if not, here's a bit of a recap:

Stumblor Chase Echo - a redesigned chase board for CFTBL
Stumblor "Move Your Snackbar" a lighting mod for swinks CFTBL snackbar mod

The 'move your snackbar' mod is where it all began, which added some lighting animations to swinks classic CFTBL snackbar mod. Through that project, swinks and I became good mates, and have continued working together since. That mod even managed to snag a twipy nomination, which was both a massive surprise and a huge honour. While selling and supporting, everyone I've come into contact with has been incredibly supportive, friendly, understanding and enthusiastic. Without a doubt it is the people in the community that drive me on.

Which brings us to this!


LED pop rings are a great way to brighten up a dull game, however they aren’t exactly dynamic or responsive. They are either lit all the time, or turn on when the pop is hit (with a bit of tricky wiring). Not to mention only being one colour.

We thought we’d crank things up a notch. Lollypops shows a pattern when your pop bumper is ‘at rest’, and then a different pattern when it is hit. Best of all, the colours and patterns are all 100% configurable over Wifi, giving you infinite flexibility over how your game looks and behaves.

Your pop bumpers won’t know what hit em.


* Three independent, full colour LED rings
* Patterns triggered in game via switch hits
* Full configurability of colours and patterns over WIFI, on any device (even your 
* Fully reversible game integration
* Pop caps and brackets included for plug n play installation
* Compatible with all WPC89 and WPC95 games, with SAM/Whitestar support coming soon.

See it in action --->

Price is £119, which includes everything you need to get setup, the controller board, 3 pop bumper assemblies, cabling, adapters etc. At the moment I'm not offering smaller packs of 2 or 1 pop bumper assemblies, just because the price differential doesn't warrant the extra logistical hassle, but get in touch if you have any special requests and I'll try to assist. I'm a helpful guy.


Ready to order now - head to Pinball Bazaar who is managing all my UK and EU distro.


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May 11, 2019
Warwickshire UK
I've got a set of these in my Fish Tales - and they're really nice! LED-Tastic in fact! Everything you need is in the box - connectors, various power adapters, etc.

Lovely bit of work Davey.
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Sep 16, 2018
London · Davey Price
Davey Price
Do you have a US distro?

Just selling direct at the moment through pinside - but have had 15 orders in the last 2 days so decent interest so far. I spoke to Kristen at Mezel a few months ago which went well, but need to follow up. Ideally someone like them who have good marketing reach could manage the US side for me.