Pinshack new build.

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Jul 18, 2016
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What I like is the fact its a garage and a pinball room. This means you can sneakingly reverse the car into the garage with another pinball in the back even if the wife is in the house. Then sneak out a couple of hours later, to unload the car in the privacy of the garage..... When wife comes into the pinball room - she will say 'I did not know we have a big bang bar' and you go 'yes you did, it was over in that corner before......'
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Nov 3, 2017
Southport UK

The brickies returned Monday and Tuesday last week all walls are now up with the exception of the gable end above the garage door, they want to put this in once the roof trusses are in place.

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All windows and door are ordered, apparently going to a bit slower than usual as there some sort of global pandemic going around!

Wall plated to be fitted and then it's going to be job stopped for a little while as the roof delivery is also going slower than normal (again CV19) but it's due on 06th July, so not so bad..... hopefully.

All the best everyone,

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