For Sale LOTR - Lovely condition - £5.5k - Lord of the Rings by Stern


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May 29, 2013
Riccall, North Yorks.
Paul G
Decided it's time for a game shuffle, so my gorgeous LOTR is on the chopping block.

Machine is located south of York, YO19 postcode. Martin is welcome, as are you, ground floor location in external garage/office. Payment by BACs in advance of collection.

  • Non-skill post version.
  • HUO (undocumented, but obvious)
  • NVRAM - no batteries.
  • ColorDMD - LCD
  • Entire playfield is covered by a thin layer of film-like material, bit like Mylar but don’t think it is. Wasn't done by me so can't take credit, but it seems they comprehensively stripped everything and applied it over the top, then rebuilt the topside.
  • Jay’s palentir mod (big round eye thing near the balrog)
  • Tasteful Comet Warm White 2SMD frosted LEDs with LED OCD board and a GI OCD too. Some flashers LEDs, others not.
  • Cabinet Metal work custom powder-coated in antique gold - looks well sexy (for an inanimate object).
  • Arcade upkeep backbox led panel (half home made, half product).
  • Couple of left lane mods from Australia.- metal rod and plastic ramp thing.
  • Got shire cliffy but not installed.
  • Cabinet’s lovely.
  • Speaker lights and ring inserts.
  • ROMs all ready for Shaker motor install.

Only negatives i can find are a little bit of audio crackle sometimes, like the speakers are getting old or something. Haven't investigated it though. Plus the Gimli VUK sometimes takes a couple of tries to push the ball onto the rails successfully. It succeeds, but the ball rolls back around & down again! Apparently it's a common thing.

Work done during my ownership: re-soldering a cracked joint on the Balrog relay board & replacing the ribbon cable between the CPU and power boards. Upgraded ROMs etc to enable a shaker install, but never got around to it. I have a 3rd party shaker you can have for £80.

I will try to get some lifted playfield & backbox shots in the next 24hrs or so. Or any other photo requests.






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