Sold Black Hole £1400


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Mar 23, 2016
Black Hole £1400

I bought this machine off @Matt Adams 4 years ago and I would like it to go back to the community, it's been faultless in my ownership and I've really enjoyed owning it. It's time for me to change up my small collection of machines, not looking to make any money off of it, would just like to recoup what I paid back then.

Here's a link to the original "For Sale" post from Matt. Nothing has really changed since then...

Lots of pictures and a video on my DropBox. Let me know if you have trouble viewing them.

It's the version without the moving Galaxy in the back-box and without the speech.

I'm based just off the A3 near Petersfield. Martin has never been here before but I'm happy for him to pick it up. Machine is on the ground floor with easy access.

I would say this is definitely a players machine, it plays really fast and is pretty hard, especially achieving multiball. The cab is shabby but playfield and glass are pretty decent for the age of the machine. There is a Switch 17 error that comes up when you switch it on (shown in video) but it doesn't appear to effect anything in the game so I've just ignored it. The head is a bit wobbly as it's missing some bolts. Other than that it plays great.

Matt did a great job fixing this machine up. It's got the Pascal board in it but I still have the original boards that Matt gave me (untested) which will go with the machine.

First dibs goes to @Matt Adams as it was originally his machine.

I will also be putting my Bally Vector up for sale.

Matt Adams

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Aug 29, 2011
Its really weird this turning up again and I would have had it back but I have been lucky enough to find a US version BH and picked it up last Thursday!! Great game though and reliable during my ownership as well :thumbs:

lee riley

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Nov 25, 2015
The American version is really cool really fancy a black hole ! Laugh out loud maybe that’s politically incorrect 🙄the world has gone mad !
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