Beatles pinball from Stern

The seeker

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Oct 13, 2015
Can anyone tell me how i can was my eyes clean of what i just watched? I would love stern to make single level retro machines 4k ish but that, that ..... that !!!!!!


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Oct 21, 2013
I like it.. Nice change from Stern. It would do well on site!
If it wasn't free play only due to licensing, if it wasn't an ancient theme and a sh1te rehash of a 1980's game and have no relevance in the market today it would do really well!

They aren't allowed to be accept money due to the licence but I may stick on in Tilt on a per per time basis just to f king annoy Stern!



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Dec 29, 2017
Has that batman 66 feeling so clearly Kapow has that style in their themes, Munsters isn’t a Kapow is it too? Secured two big licences but this wasn’t ever for this market was it, was it’s something they wanted to do obviously.



Aug 29, 2011
They aren't allowed to be accept money due to the licence but I may stick on in Tilt on a per per time basis just to f king annoy Stern!
I think this looks ****ing terrible but I’d pay for some time on it in Tilt if it helps with that.

Edit: Feel like I should qualify my statement - I don’t think it looks terrible for what it is, but I do think it looks terrible when you take the rumoured pricing into consideration. If these were £4k I’m sure I’d feel differently.
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Neil McRae

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Jun 5, 2016
Neil McRae
The theme isn’t interesting to me and I don’t like seawitch but I will wait to play it before I say what I think about it. Lots of folks wrote of Batman '66 but its easily one of the best releases of all time.
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Dec 27, 2017
Leeds, West Yorkshire
I am me
Morning folks. had a decent sleep after my travel home from holidays yesterday and now in the cold light of day I've had another look at the promo video.

I've been a big fan of The Beatles since i was a teenager, first becoming aware of them in 1975. I have got quite a collection of Beatles Memorabilia and music. A a collector of Beatles 'stuff': This is just another example of overpriced merchandise that has been consistently available for sale since their heyday. Most of the merchandise has no real collectability value, but will always have a value to fans, however, usually much below retail price. There have been many attempts to skin fans over the years with all sorts of 'exclusive' , 'limited edition', 'numbered edition' etc. merchandise, records, CD's etc. All of this rarely makes a solid investment. Again much of these are usually available for sale on the second hand market (often in mint condition) for prices less than originally retailed. Some fans and collectors and dealers think that buying something for £100, then selling it 20 years later for £200 is a great return. Sad fact is they have probably been beaten by inflation!

As we all know the 'base' value of a pinball machine such as this will be a good few £k - £5k maybe - it's a modern Stern Machine, but a pretty simple play-field and game rule-set by sterns current standards. So, what I think will happen is Beatles fans will buy em, then be shocked when they try to sell em. Of course the Beatles theme WILL for sure add a premium of a £k or 2, but I can see a lot of people losing a lot of money in the long run, especially when they try sell a machine with issues - other collectors may then stay well clear.

On the other hand - 1964 units, whilst perhaps a big run of machines, is nothing compared to the many tens of thousands of Beatles fans, many with deep pockets...........