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  1. L

    Stern 2019 Jurassic Park Mods

    Hi everybody, If you have a Jurassic Park Stern Machine. We propose 4 mods for the Pro version and 1 mod for Premium/LE: • Moving Blade (Propeller), Colors to choose • Mosquitos Insert x 3 • EastDock Panels x 4 • Velociraptor Mod, Dome to choose • Pteranodon Mod (Premium/LE) Don't hesitate to...
  2. Fubar

    Autoplunger is getting weak (stern)

    So the autoplunger in my BK3 has started getting a bit weak - the ball doesn't always make it all the way to the top of the shooter lane. I put the power up in the settings slightly, and that helped for a bit. But it's not really solved the problem and I don't think it's the right approach...
  3. MadNat

    For Sale Speaker Lights mod - WiFi App controlled addressable LED's

    A few weeks ago @Colywobbles posted a vid showing how he used my Feed Frenzy Power and LED controller board, to drive some cool custom speaker lights in his Simpson's Stern WhiteStar pinball machine (apparently he also has the plastics for Spike systems also). You can see his post here...
  4. simonclarke

    Budget at 1500 unless you're willing to take credit card

    I'm looking for advice on what machines I can purchase currently with £1500? Ideally from 90s-present
  5. fairwinds

    Wanted Deadpool PRO

    I know, I know, it's a bit of an ask, but if anyone has one for sale, let me know. Decent condition, ideally. Also interested in an Iron Maiden as a second preference? I'm not cross-posting - I posted this in the Parts for Sale forum. Will kill that thread, now.
  6. Monkeyboypaul

    Game code list

    Have you ever wondered if you're running the latest and greatest code for your game? Found this handy and currently maintained list of software versions. It includes official releases, home versions and also very recent homebrew modifications for older games like RS and TAF...
  7. strongs_uk

    Sold Stern Metallica Pro LED

    A reluctant sale however my Metallica must go to fund another machine towards the end of the year. This is the later LED revision with the newer style metal back box and factory speaker grill decals. Beautiful condition - looks and smells practically new. It boasts the following mods (approx...
  8. J

    Wanted 'The Pin' Transformers Stern (2012)

    Hi, I know it's a long shot! Out of interest do any members own a 'the pin' from Stern? Thanks for looking, J
  9. benNinja

    For Sale Data East Stern DMD Driver and Sound Boards

    Bought these both in error so they are unused Data East/Stern Dot Matrix driver Board by Rottendog - £120 posted Data East 520-5050-00 / 520-5050-01 / 520-5050-02 Sound Board (can flash ROMs for your game) - £135 posted I also have a broken DMD for sale if anyone wants it for testing purposes.
  10. Spadge

    Stern Moving 3 Bank Target

    Hi, anyone know if this part (in my case TRON) has a history of being dodgy? Mine has been acting up a few times of late and now isn't moving at all. I've checked connections and all seems well, but it won't budge in test mode to either position.
  11. Mooseman

    Sold Big Buck Hunter Pro

    Unwanted Christmas Present :eek: For sale is Mrs Moose’s BBH £2k Lovely condition and fully working with new legs and shaker motor. I was hoping she might of kept this but she would like to go on holiday instead. I do get to go on holiday with her so not entirely bad. The only mark on it is...
  12. benNinja

    Wanted Data East Sega Stern Dot Matrix Driver Board

    Looking to pay less than £80 for one if possible. Bonus for the ribbon cables for the 14 pin and 26 pin ribbon cables!
  13. Spadge

    Ac/dc lamp flicker during RGB lamps

    so on my AC/DC Premium this started getting pretty bad clicker on the GI/lamps. I’ve taken a while I’m diagnostics and it appears to be when the RGB lamps are in use, if you go to DIAG/AC/DC/RGB TEST the lamps will be stable until you go into the test. If you turn each of red, green, blue off...
  14. R

    Wanted Family Guy (Stern)

    Hi all, last year, in fact almost to the day (since it came up on my facebook history) we saw what looked like a mint Family Guy table in Manchester Play Expo. I posted asking my wife whether we could get the time, my wife said we'd need a bigger house before she'd say yet. Well...
  15. Spadge

    Attract mode issue, Lord of the rings.

    Hi, I have a very odd issue with my LOTR (Stern/Whitestar) in that 8-9 mins into attract mode, all the lights either go off (standard) or stay lit (with Led OCD). The game is still response but the game doesn't play (doesn't eject the ball). I have several mods and additions: - Colour DMD -...
  16. Spadge

    Top 5 sterns?

    So, I'm about done with my collection and expanding it further will depend on (a) space (b) great machines. I've concentrated on classics, which are in top nick, from the Bally-Williams era; Twilight Zone, Indy, STNG, Fish Tales, White Water, Addams, Totan, AFM, Monster Bash, Scared Stiff...
  17. strongs_uk

    Wanted Tron Mods

    I know highly unlikely but if anyone is selling any Tron mods mentioned here: Please contact me. Cheers
  18. strongs_uk

    TRON Owners LED Lighting advice

    Looking for recommendations on LEDs for Tron and types of LED's to use. I've got an idea of how I want it to look. I've seen some examples where orange have been used on the left side of the PF and blue / white on the right. I also think that purple looks quite nice in the GI. I'm thinking of...
  19. Monkeyboypaul

    SM flipper blowing fuse under rapid test load

    Hello wise people, I've recently rebuilt all 3 flippers on my SpiderMan, using the correct parts & the bottom 2 flippers are fine. However, when changing the top right flipper coil sleeve it was really tight getting it out and a new one in there, as if the coil itself has warped the plastic...
  20. M

    Imperial spanner size for Stern

    Random one, but I need to get a miniature imperial spanner (or set) for my Star Trek (Stern), mainly for the posts - does anyone know the size of these? Or recommend best place to buy. Attached - the bottom of this post is the size, I assume it's a universal size on all modern sterns.
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