1. cNp

    [FIXED] Bally 6803 HMM Sound issue / problem - white noise

    Hi, I recently picked up a Bally HMM from a barn (I'm keeping a thread going in the Shop Logs section) and it has a sound issue where it very loudly plays white noise over all the actual sound effects. I've searched and found lots of advice for missing sounds but not for this problem. Video...
  2. strongs_uk

    Wanted Coin Mech Holder for Bally Midway

    I need two of these for a Bally / Midway Coin door. Normally found on this style of coin door (and a few others)
  3. strongs_uk

    Sold Bally Attack From Mars

    Looking to move on my Attack From Mars. Towards the end of last year I treated the machine to the following... > Installed Sunlight Comet LED's throughout > Installed Mirrorblades > Installed New Rubbers throughout > Installed New Balls > Installed ColorDMD (LCD) > Installed Cliffy protector...
  4. E

    Paragon -- All playfield lights out

    My beloved Paragon developed a problem that I just can't figure out. Desperate for advice. ALL of the playfield lights got flickery, and now are not working at all. First, I replaced the rectifier board (AS-2518-18) with an all-new replacement. No change. Then I got a replacement lamp...
  5. Monkeyboypaul

    Game code list

    Have you ever wondered if you're running the latest and greatest code for your game? Found this handy and currently maintained list of software versions. It includes official releases, home versions and also very recent homebrew modifications for older games like RS and TAF...
  6. MadNat


    Don't know what PIN2DMD is? The full story and details can be found here: - the headline however, is that it is an opensource - non-for-profit colour DMD product for both real and virtual pinball machines. As it is opensource - people are free to contribute to content...
  7. N

    For Sale Centaur & Fathom Pinball Machines for sale.

    Hey there. I'm Finally moving to a different city for my dream job & would unfortunately to give these two lovely machines out as i won't have the time to play either. i'm not too firm on the prices so offers are accepted. Sorry no trades lol. The fathom & centaur have been in my possession for...
  8. B

    Bally power transformer block wanted

    Hi ,has anyone got a known working bally power transformer block for a space invader please ? Still looking the tops for the 50 bumpers if anyone has them and a sling shot plastic
  9. thecroquetkid

    For Sale Rare Bally E.M. 4 Queens 1970 for Sale £600 o.n.o.

    Selling for a friend. Only 1256 units were made. The game is in working order but with two issues that I am currently trying to fix. Firstly, the special doesn't light. Secondly, the ball in play light skips so you end up with a 3 ball game instead of five. As you can see from the pics the...
  10. thecroquetkid

    For Sale Moved to correct forum

    Moved to correct forum
  11. pinballmania

    For Sale Embryon

    Fully working Embryon. Rare wide body Bally. Bad points :- Cabinet was painted by original operator, if you can figure out how to strip it, the original artwork might be under there. Backglass is complete, with minor imperfections, and has overall raised sections characteristic of this era...
  12. B

    Wanted Bally space invaders parts lockdown ,coin door ,50 tops

    Looking some Bally space invader parts Lock down bar Coin door 50 popper tops Thanks in advance
  13. B

    Bally space invaders ,lockdown bar,leg coin door

    I’ve picked up a bally space invaders pin It’s missing a few parts ,anyone selling Decent legs ,a lock down bar and a decent coin door ,and three of the plastic bumper tops ,the top ones I might be interested in other parts too .let me know what you have thanks
  14. benNinja

    Sold Judge Dredd JD

    Hello! Moving house so alas must sell Judge Dredd Pros: - Flippers Rebuilt - LEDs installed - Topper - Dead World Mod Installed (will also supply originals which can be fitted on request) - Upgraded Speakers (see pics) - DMD in great condition, with DMD saver board installed. - Ball trough...
  15. Nedreud

    Sold Bally VECTOR

    I've decided to sell my Bally VECTOR. It's been with a friend for over 2 years for him to use a reference for his project VECTOR rebuild, but to also give me some space in my 3-pin man-cave that I tried to put 4 machines into! I have to admit I don't really have the time or space to have so many...
  16. A

    Wanted Bally TAF Legs

    Hello, I have 2 bent legs on my Addams Family... Any one got any Decent condition legs for sale? I'm in Bristol. Much Love Andy
  17. pinballmania

    Sold Working Bally Projects coming up

    I've currently got a Bally Pacman and Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition ( similar style cabinet to Pacman ), in the workshop for a customer who intends to sell. I've just been tasked with getting them electrically working, and then they will be sold with cosmetic and mechanical work outstanding...
  18. Jb3d

    Elektra - advice needed please

    Hi, My Elektra has been working fine, including an evening of substantial play. BUT today on the second game whenever I hit the flipper button the machine turns off. It then turns itself on again in attract mode. I played a 'game' letting the balls just drain through with no flipper use and this...
  19. Nedreud

    In Progress Lost in the PAC MAZE... Another Obsessive Restoration

    16-October-2016 SETTING UP AND INSPECTION It's all @DRD's fault. I wasn't supposed to be getting another pin. There's only room for 3 in my summerhouse/office... unless... maybe... if I get rid of the desk I could put another machine in its place...? The PinballInfo community is a very bad...
  20. Nedreud

    Found it! Bally MR & MRS PAC-MAN Manual

    Thought I had one, but I don't. Not bothered about the condition, can be scruffy as long as complete and legible. Needed for looking after a game, not some bookshelf ornament left unread!