Thank You.


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Aug 11, 2011
Broadstone, Dorset
Echo Kev's sentiments - a great day of pinball and very many thanks to Helmut and Emma for hosting and taking over the running of the South West league. Great to attend meets after last year's gap.

Like Alien more each time I play it. Also well played to Craig for storming the scores.


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Jul 21, 2011
Thank you soooooo much to @replicas @Sgt GrizZ @myPinballs @paddythegreek @chris b for my care packages and the endless advice in helping to get my TAF up and running. I’ve had Jim and Chris on speed dial for a week and they’ve always taken times out of their day to respond and help. I hope you know I’m extremely grateful.
This forum rocks thanks to people like you.
Until Banzai Run gets the treatment, I’ll retire to my hole😬
A few thanks over the past few weeks as seem to have bounced around the country a bit :)

@ronnie63 for a great coffee, chat, and The Juke...
@johnrw for the TAF gate which i thought would give me massive issues.... and cause me to get the metalwork tools out...
@replicas for coming to the rescue with the Switch Bracket

to everyone that has been patent over the last week waiting for Roms to arrive... @pinballmania 's stuff always seems to arrive next day, whereas my Roms seem to take days... or weeks... so NO thanks to the Post office....
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