Trade Earthshaker for Whirlwind. Straight swap


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Nov 19, 2011
Pudsey UK
As mentioned on the price check thread.

If anyone fancies a simple trade of their whirlwind for my earthshaker in the new year, let me know. I want a nice whirlwind so i can continue my software rewrite on it. Of the 2, whirlwind is my personal fav. Had to sell the other one i had, due to a certain john popaduik zidware situation a few years back! ;). Anyway want to get back to the software thing so let me know. Did showcase the dev on it at a few nlp shows to

Can't get any pics of my game (or it set back up) til next year . From memory unfaded cab, nice unworn playfield, mint mirrored backglass, fully working, needs a playfield strip and clean.


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Jul 7, 2018
Ah very cool i did something simular with pindmd years ago where pinmamame drives a real dmd via usb + microcontroller. I guess you will be doing something simular? but the micro will drive the 2x16 alphanumerics instead of a dmd. Are they easy to talk to? whats the protocol?