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    Want lots of pinball Machines to play in one place??

    One low cost price to let you play all of these??

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Apr 26, 2018
Down to 14 in games room, 1 on house, 2 tomb stoned
Room for bar stools, table football and pool table.

Have 2 Jap Vewlix coming soon. Might get one of the woodies in too.
Very nice buy on the two Vewlix's. I saw he had brought quite a few in. A few fixer uppers too. Price you pay I guess for buying a load at once.
I did enquire about a Chinese fake Vewlix at one point. But the shipping was twice the price of the cab(cab was a few hundred) so always best with the real deal.

That is one cool room though. I love the neon around the laptop bit


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Nov 9, 2016
Colin Chapman
Is that hobbit furthest away?

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Actually Neil it’s a problem of mine that’s becoming a trend. Get a standard Hobbit, play, love, buy a sweet flavoured one.
Get a GOTG pro , play, love rince repeat.
Apart form the incoming MBrLE soon (had 2 classics) I have my sights firmly set on DP just filling my PinnyBank ATM to make a reality lol