Sold X-MEN LE- Colour LCD - Wolverine - Newton Ball Mod Stunning - 4999


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Apr 22, 2014
Last one of my New Years sales, having now sold my GOTG and Monster Bash this week. This is the last one to go. Have priced it to sell as it's immaculate.

X-Men LE - Wolverine Edition.

Has been upgraded with a Colour LCD and colour matched red, white and blue LED's and flashers throughout.

Significantly, this has the Wolverine Newton Ball Mod from Mezel Mods added. For those in the know, this is probably the single biggest game changing mod available for a pinball machine. It makes the Wolverine target much more of a precise target meaning Wolverine multiball starts less often and becomes something you need to choose to start rather than something that starts by chance. It also opens up the Beast shot and the Gambit Hurry Up, making the whole game feel 100% better to play. I've never known a single change improve a game so drastically.

The Wolverine statue has also been swapped for a more size appropriate one that is considerably better aesthetically as you can see in the pictures. I have kept the original Wolverine target and mechanism so the whole thing is reversible, should you really want to.

The game also comes with upgraded sound in the form of a PinSub chip to allow easy connection to an external Subwoofer.

The game has also had additional LED Red spot lights added which focus on Magneto's magnet and come on when multiball starts.

Cabinet, Mirror Translite and Power Coating all looks great

Paid £5500 for game about 9 months ago and have spent a fair bit more on the improvements. So think that £4999 is great price. If you're after this machine, I don't think you will find better,

Martin is coming to collect my MB and GOTG in a week or so, so can align the stars and get him to take this at the same time.

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Apr 11, 2013
Newport, South Wales
Great price. This is my old machine, and Lee Riley's twice :D. Lovely machine, I had considered the Newton ball mod but never got around to it. I fitted the speaker lights and the coloured gels under the mode inserts. I'm sure it plays much better with the Newton ball, the original wolverine just blocked too much. Good luck with sale, can't see it lasting long.
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