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what is the name of this type of connector?


May 26, 2014
hi,im looking at finally putting my spare space invaders backglass on the wall,I have the original chaselight frame for it,and rather than cut the original wiring connector,I wondered if anyone knew the correct name for the attached connector,so I can see about ordering a female one to plug in a power source and get the lights working


chaser connector.jpeg
Maybe one of the more technical members can help out here.

Is it called a 15 pin Molex Connector?
Molex 15 pin and from looking at it almost certainly a 0.062" which has a spacing between the pins of 3.6mm. So measure across the 5 pins on the top row and it it looks like 14.5mm it will be a 0..062 connector).

Otehrwise it will be the bigger 15 way connector that takes 0.093" pins has a pitch of 6.3mm so would measure 25mm across the 5 pins (4 spacings)
thanks for the replies,I have ordered some female pins and a casing so hopefully will be able to sort something out
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