Sold Ultrapin upgraded Mk4 - £2250 - may take trades/swaps

Pick Holder

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Jul 18, 2016
Bournville, Birmingham.

Over the past 10 years I have built a lot of Virtual Pinball machines.

I am selling this one on - as I need to build another two that friends want me build and then that is it - no more.

This will be ready for collection in a couple of weeks. Just needs some perspex adding and a part for the analog plunger then its good to go! Each one of these I build they get better. Unfortunately this one is a lot more expensive than the last one I sold to @Marvello and I believe he is still enjoying it.

First reason for the expense is the UltraPin I bought was 30% more than the last one I purchased. Yes - pinflation. It is a lot of money effectively just to get a cabinet but I do like the size (its about the size of a safe cracker) - and it saves having to build from scratch which is a pain and more costly in man hours.

Second expense is additional screens and better PC hardware.

The backbox now has a 27inch backglass screen and a 14.9inch DMD - this screen is made by the same people who make the large screens in MBrm and AFMrm so I would estimate it is 30% bigger than a standard LED. The other UltraPins I have upgraded just have the one screen in the backbox.

As per usual the DMD runs the color software now used in visual pinball to get the same effect as a colordmd. The large screen on certain games uses software called PinUp Player that has backglass videos linked to the rom, that start clips of movies going at different parts of the game. For instance games like Back to the future, SpiderMan vault, Attack from Mars and Avatar to name a few.

Here is the software in action:

Inside the machine is:
New motherboard, processor and 8GB DDR4 ram:

Nvidia GTX1050TI graphic card
USB wireless wi-fi dongle so you can connect to the web for easy loading and updating.
Samsung HD (1080) 32 inch screen
480gb Solid state hard drive (about a quarter full I would estimate).
Windows 10 Home (licensed not bootleg!)
Visual Pinball (VPX, VP9 and VP9 mod)
Pinball X front end
PinUp player
Visual pinmame

Currently the Visual pinball software emulates PinSound so you can add your own sound tracks and modify things. Games like Tommy and Addams family are heavily improved.

Inside the game is a 2:1 amplifier that runs a nice quality sub on the cab and two stereo speakers on the backbox.

The Ultimarc PacDrive takes care of the LEDs and feedback coils on lockdown bar (linked to fire with flippers)

I also use the Freescale board to run the analog plunger as well as the analog nudging.

An Ultimarc key input board is used to control all the buttons as I feel this is the best way on a pinball cabinet.

The whole machine turns on and off with a push button under the game where the power switch usually is on a WPC bally/williams. All power is controlled by a solid state relay.

The cab has over 200 games working - many more can be freely downloadable on the internet.

Has most of the Pinball FX2 games working - this does not require a steam account
I have got the 6 tables working from the Pinball FX3 Bally/Williams - however this is on my steam account but its easy to change the account to yours and use these games too.

It also includes games like Big Bang Bar & Cactus Canyon Continued - Lets face it - most of us will be luck if we ever have a go on these tables let alone play them.

Most games are emulated with the exception of Stern Spike (Ghostbusters is actually installed but this is now unavaliable), Stern Spike 2. Pinball 2000, JJP and Heighway games.

Has all the classics - Addams, Twilight Zone, Attack from Mars, Monster Bash, Medieval Madness, Radical, Party Zone, Black Knight 2000, Black Night, Star Wars, Star Trek, STTNG , Metallica premium, Scared Stiff, Junk Yard, Safe Cracker, AC/DC, 24 , tales of the Arabian Nights, Theatre of Magic, Cirqus Voltaire, Bride of Pinbot, Pinbot, Sharkeys Shootout, Dolly, Black Rose, Walking Dead, Cue Ball Wizard, Lord of the Rings, Pirates (Stern), Indiana Jones (Stern), Indiana Jones (Williams), Airourne, Dr Dude, Breakshot, Big Buck Hunter, Elvira, Getaway 2, High Speed, Kiss (Bally), Harley Davidson (Bally), Harley Davidson (Stern), Simpsons (Data East), Simpsons (Sterm), Demo Man, Dirty Harry, Q'Bert, Pinball Magic, Strikes and Spares, Whoa Nellie, Ripleys, Fire, Fish Tales..... come on I am getting bored now typing.....

If you want specific games - I will download and install them ready for you if someone has emulated them.

Viewing / Collection is from Birmingham near Cadburys (post code B30 area). You will probably have to collect so I can show you how to put in new games and configure them etc. It will just work plug and play! If you are compitent on Windows 10 you should be able to put your own games in :) - if you want Martin to collect then I will shoot some videos for you.

Pinball machines (obviously) - Radical, Flintstones, Party Zone are ones I like the idea of owning (again!) but try me with others.
Jukeboxes (CD and vinyl)
Music instruments and amplification etc.....
Hi-fi equipment

MORE photos will be added over the next few days.

***disclaimer - all the software in this cabinet with the exception of Windows 10 can be downloaded for tree on the internet. I do not own this software. Leaving this software installed will probably save you 100 hours of time configuring - I also advise you to make a back up as soon as you buy this game in case it ever needs a reload.***


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Oct 6, 2015
Oldham, Greater Manchester
Yeh, I bought my Ultrapin from Pickholder and have no plans on selling it. If you are short of space/money or in an environment where excessive sound is an issue it's a no-brainer if you like virtual pinball.