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UK Pinball nostalgia

"Coming soon : Sega Harley Davidson"

Still never seen one of these in the flesh (but after playing it on Pinball Arcade I suspect I'm not missing much!)
Me in 90s shell top at trade show 1989 although Id already played Banzai many times at the Associated Leisure showroom in Burton

Loughbough Uni pinball club charity weekend for children in need 1988. We called it Arc Aid and got a mention on local radio. The 3 EMs came from an advert in coin slot and took 3 hours each way to pick up from
Llanfairfechan - sat on a bench in a run down arcade with no legs. there was supposed to be a spannish eyes but someone had come from London for it alone a day before. Not bad working pins for £10 each though.

the only one of 4 congos I had that didnt get broken for the boards. Game was VERY hated. I mean REALLY hated. This one sold on eBay for £500 at the last gasp. 2000/1 was the pinball nadir.

games in front room 2008 ish

digbeth pop up festive arcade 2016 . NQ64 is virtually in the same location now

play margate 2016 - 10 games NO faults only stuck balls over 2 long days!

first play blackpool (r3play) 2010

play expo 2016 with Angus the cannon



2 Steves -side note - I think the Strikes and Spares must be the one that was at PINFEST this year!

steve banzai.pngarcaid 1989.jpgcongo.jpghouse line 2010.jpgfestive arcade.jpgplay margate 2016 2.jpgfirst play blackpool 2010.jpgplay expo 2016 ec.jpg2 tron.jpg3 demo.jpg2 steves.jpg


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Bunch of photos and videos from that time a good number of us met up in Ramsgate for Mark NLP's birthday in March 2013

Album in this link:


Tagging a few old timers in no particular order. I've definitely missed a few too, forgive me
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That was awesome. We had a great time
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