Twilight Zone Subtle Mods if anyone is interested


Oct 6, 2019
Hey guys ive just been messing around with some ideas for subtle mods for my twilight zone table , Im attaching some pictures of my decal mods to share and if anyone is interested in grabbing some ill be more than happy to supply, the bumpre decals are self adhesive disks which just stick on top of the bumper, the disk is 3mm ply with decal fitted these can be attached how you see fit ive used double sided glue and it works perfectly. Finally the gumball decal is vinyl and looks amazing imho these are just a few ideas im messing about with ive also got other various ideas for toy mods which ill let you have a gander when completed. just pm me if you are interested I can also do other various bumper stickers and decals if you have a different table.