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Tips for Buying & Selling Video Arcade & Pinball Games on Ebay


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Oct 5, 2012
South Wales
Tips for Buying & Selling Video Arcade & Pinball Games on Ebay

Buying Games:

When buying games on ebay, the first most important thing you need to consider is the seller and the game itself. Making sure the seller is reliable and accessible via email or phone. If you have any questions it is important to ask the seller before the auction is over.

There are many good ebay sellers out there bringing these games back to life. Just take the time to research them a bit. Read the entire auction description in full and contact the seller with any questions. Most sellers are in business to sell and keep you happy.

How the seller will ship the game to you is another important factor. Make sure you understand the seller's instructions and shipping costs.

As for the game make sure you are familiar with the game, how it works, the required maintenance and up-keep. Buying a game is a great opportunity to own a great collectable! Arcade Video Games and Pinball games are a great investment. All games require a commitment of taking care of with proper maintenance and cleaning. Having a general knowledge of electronics, computers and video monitors is a plus if you are looking to own your own Video or Pinball game. With this you will get alot of enjoyment out of owning a wonderful part of arcade game history!

Pricing is also an important factor. Just because you see a Ms Pac Man going for $200.00- make sure you read the auction description completely; and ask yourself these questions: does the game work?, can it be shipped?, does is have any upgrades or newly installed parts to make it last longer?, How easy is it to get in touch with the seller?

Games can fluctuate in price- this can be due to the game itself. Some games (Pac Man, Centipede, Donkey Kong) are very popular and may cost more. While others ( Mr. do, Time Pilot, Roadblasters) may not be big names, and might not cost as much. However, the quality of the game will also have alot to do with pricing. Many sellers restore these games and add new features, such as new monitors, new PCB's, upgraded power supplies. They may add new side art, marquees, bezels and even t-molding to make the game look new again. These features will make the game cost more and worth more, and a way much better deal in the long run! With upgrades and restoration processes the game will last you longer and have less maintenance.

Take the time to consider all of these factors- it is worth it!


Selling Games:

One of the most important parts to selling a game is describing the game thoroughly and honestly. Make sure to include all the games features and be completely up front about how the game works. Make sure to add alot of good quality photos and accurate description details.

It is also a good idea to add a gallery photo for extra exposure.

Another important part of the arcade game selling process is how you are going to ship the game.

By being able to offer shipping worldwide you will also increase your sales.

However by offering this you must be able to package and ship the game safe and sound.

There are many way to package your game. Most freight shipping companies offer information on packaging as well as sell packaging materials.
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