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Tilt's 8th Birthday - Monster Madness - 29th October


Oct 14, 2021
To celebrate Tilt's Birthday, Halloween, and just because we all love pinball. We will be holding a matchplay tournament at Tilt on Sunday 29th October.

Starting at 11:00, Doors open from 10:00.

Plan is for there to be 12 rounds of 4 player matchplay scored at 7 5 3 1.

Top 6 qualify outright for finals portion of the tournament.

7-10 will play a random 4 player game with the top 2 joining the other 6 to make a final 8.

From there it will be a Head to Head, best-of-3 series's playoff bracket for quarter-finals, semi-finals and then a final 2.

Entry for tournament will be 10 GBP. Drop me a message here or wherever if interested. If you want to pre-register and pay beforehand @tiltbrum has set up a page where you can do that. You can also pay on the day.

Hope as many of you can come as possible.

Registered and paid.
Looking forward to my first visit to Tilt!

Is anyone going on the Saturday and staying over?
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