Sold The Getaway HS2 £1975 SOLD subject to payment


Jun 10, 2018
The Getaway HS2
Fully working, plays really well.
New Alternate Translite fitted.
Original Diamond playfield in good condition with minimal wear on some inserts.
Original cabinet in fair condition with usual bumps and touch ups.
Has just had full set of super bright comet leds in the playfield and new incandescent bulbs and flashers in the backbox.
Inner cab side decals.
Blue police flashers fittted which come on with the red beacon and has 2 modes changeable by plugging in a different plug supplied.
Start button replaced with illuminated ignition key switch, the key is removable and you turn to start the game etc, original start button and lamp holder supplied.
Siderails, lockdown bar, legs and leg bolts and side rail bolts just powder coated red.
Red protective washers fitted to leg bolts.
New feet with nuts.
New target decals from pinball decals.
New donut building mod illuminated in blue fitted.
DMD is in perfect working order, bright with not lines out.
All boards and wiring are perfect, no hacks or burnt connectors.
All coils, lamps, switches work perfect as does the supercharger.