TFTC Weak Flippers and the SSFB



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Nov 20, 2016
I measured 75V at the plunger coil, 41V at the trough and the same at the slingshots. All of those behave as they should do. I struggled to measure voltage though at the coils. It seems to be 1V or less.

I unscrewed the SSDB from the cabinet (so I could get the back of the pins) left it plugged in and that showed 75V (I think it was) at pin 12 & 11 so that seemed promising.
It frustrating with the fault being intermittent. One minute the left has no power but the right 2 are fine, then it effects all 3.

I pulled transistor Q10 and Q9 from the SSFB (tested out of circuit and those were fine) those were the first to get the high voltage for the flippers if I read the schematic correctly. I've spent so many hours thinking, "ah , I think I've cured it" only to get a "nope" as soon as I test it.

Could it be the SSFB? Power Supply board? The PS has had some work done on it in the past. The bridge works fine, the one cap prone to leaking has been replaced.
It's no worse but it's no improvement on the day I bought it!