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Stern Led Zeppelin

Neil McRae

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Jun 5, 2016
Neil McRae
I too found it pretty confusing for a while until I understood the lighting - the shots are marked with different colour lights at different stages depending on what you need to be shooting for (eg. red for jackpots, gold for records, etc). But as you say, shouldn't this be more obvious when playing? I think so... same with the logos and colours there, and indeed the Icarus target... all pretty confusing to follow even after hundreds of games and reading the rules a few times :hmm:

The top flipper is pretty difficult as a shot, I think it's a shame there isn't a bigger single shot-reward for it at stages in the game - certainly getting the timing right for the ramp (Prem/LE) is difficult, I guess the Pro version is easier to hit the target.

Do you know what version of the code it was at? I think callouts and screen info were improved for 1.02 which might help a bit with understanding what/where to shoot.
indeed, the game probably is more suited for folks with above average intelligence as opposed to games that you just shoot the same shot over and over and grind your insignificant life away! :D



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Feb 10, 2019
I played a couple games on LZ a few weeks back at Neil's and I thought it was pretty mediocre. Fast forward a few weeks and having played a lot more games on it, I can say with confidence, that this is a truly tremendous game.

No question its arrival was overshadow by the GnR, which to fair has the far superior package/ presentation. That aside, it shoots really, really well. I would class it as a long ball or long shooter game (meaning mech/ toys are towards the back of the playfield) and is a little like EHOH in some respects. It's quite a forgiving game, perfect for novice players like myself as balls don't come flying back at you off a mech/ toy at a rate of knots. I'm sure the novelty would wear off in time but I thoroughly enjoy it when the Electric Magic raises up from the playfield as nothing is more satisfying in pinball than smashing a ball, cleanly, through a spinner.

Out of all of his games I've played, this is my favourite Steve Ritchie game by quite some distance.
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Feb 5, 2020
Cambridge, UK
I wonder how feasible it would be to retrofit the 4th ramp to a pro model? The one that's shot from the upper flipper in the prem/le, and is replaced by a standup in the pro.

Has this kind of stuff been done? I guess it would need a couple spare parts which Stern might not be selling...

Neil McRae

Site Supporter
Jun 5, 2016
Neil McRae
LE V1.10 - November 23, 2021

- Fixed an issue that could reset the number of tour ramps needed to light
tour modes in multiplayer games.

- Fixed an issue that prevented the song panel lights from displaying during


- Added an adjustmetn "ENABLE E MAGIC GI EFFECTS" which defaults to NO.
- Changing this to YES causes the GI to flicker as the electric magic
charges on spinner hits.

- Added ticket speech if the game is set up to award tickets through the
redemption menu.

- Added a check in Electric Magic Multiball to detect if the ball is blocking
either the front opto or the magnet opto before starting the mode. Due to the
metal spinner being affected by the Electric Magic Magnet, the ball can
occassionally come to rest against the spinner's edge after the magnet is no
longer energized.

- Changed the add-a-ball speech to only play when the player does not already
have the maximum number of balls in play.

Stern Insider Connected:

- Added Connectivity Ready -
- The game can have a connectivity kit installed and be connected to
- Once connected you can log in and start earning Achievements.
- To log in, hold your QR code over the scanner. When you see you are
logged in - push start. By default, the game will automatically start
the game for everyone that is logged in with one button press.

- Before you press start, while the login screen is up, the most recently
logged in player can use the flipper buttons to move which player position
they will be in.

- After the game, by default, players will have a few seconds to press
start and all stay logged in. The game will start all games with one
press of the start button.

- Added Achievements -
- There are 72 achievements you can now earn if you are logged in.
- Achievements will pop up after you have received them as soon as they
can. Also, they are seen at the start of end of ball bonus if you
received any that ball.
- You can see all the achievements and how they are earned in instant
info or on the web site insider.sternpinball.com

- Your name will displace PLAYER # in the main score frame.

- If you are logged in your high score entry will default to your initials.
You will still be able to change them.

Moved to System 2.97:
- Updated to nodeboard firmware/protocol v0.80.0

- Connectivity support for Spike 2 games.

- Added adjustments for Login and Play Again display timers:

- GAME RESTART (hold start button) behavior change:
Holding the start button on ball 2 or greater will follow the
logic of the AD_START_BUTTON_BEHAVIOR adjustment.
ADV_START_BUTTON_BEHAVIOR_ALL_LOGGED_IN) holding the start button on
ball 2 or greater will restart the game for as many
players as is necessary to accommodate the users that are logged in.
If there are not enough credits to restart the game for the necessary
number of players, the game will not be restarted.

- Address Insider Connected game registration corner cases.

- Login changes:
* When a user logs in during a game in progress and the player up slot
is occupied, assign the user in the first open slot from lowest
player to the highest player.
* When a user joins a game in progress, award achievements that were
earned up to that point.
* When user authorization failure, remove the user from the session.
- Added audits for connectivity games and scanner use

- Added Standard Adjustment "LCD DISPLAY BRIGHTNESS" to allow dimming of LCD

- Upon entering the Service Menu for the first time after a software update,
a screen will display the game and system version numbers. This screen will be
displayed for a minimum of 1 second, and is dismissed by the enter button.
This replaces the dots display previously shown at power on after an update.
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