Sold Stern Indiana Jones (mypinballs software)

Solar Sailer

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Jun 22, 2018
OK so, I have been the custodian of this clean machine since the spring and due to late night purchasing after a glass or two, I reluctantly will place this up for sale ahead of some machines incoming over the next few weeks. I also got an itch for DE Star Wars but if I ever get some space freed up.

Very clean machine. It has Jim's software running through it. In my ownership I have:

Put Ark of the Covenant speaker grills on.
LED'D and LED flashers throughout.
8 new pinballs
Re rubbed to white
Cliffy's installed
Stern Manual
Stern Goodie bag.
Shaker installed
"Indiana Jones" decals on the targets.
"MAP" decals on targets.
Mylar ring installed over the magnet.

Asking for what I paid, no inflation here but added richness to machine.


Come and play it, it a great game and fun with Jim's software on it. Really high scoring game though can't get to Jim's high score.

No rush, if the other machines arrive I will tombstone them until the space is freed up.

Any questions just ask. Machine is in Basingstoke. M3 and M4 road networks nearby.

Martin knows me!



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