Space Shuttle in orbit

Sgt GrizZ

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Jul 21, 2011
40 clicks North of Saigon (or Brighton beach )
Not a shop log at all ....just a few pics of recent arrival in GrizZ HQ. Needed a few minor tweaks , now playing 100% , and I threw some LED's in the GI . LEDs just suit space theme games .Also added a lamp to illuminate the cockpit area of the Shuttle when Multiball is ready . Tied in to the multiball insert :thumbs:

I have some new drop and spinner decals , some new pop bumper bodies and other bits to fit.

The game is in good shape for a Shuttle, many have major playfield wear - this one really insn't bad at all. Loving the game - it's addictive as hell, fast old skool fun with wild 80s space sounds . Thanks again to @Jsyjay and @The seeker8101881019810208102181022