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For Sale Sound Leisure 45 vinyl bubbler in Black.

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Jul 18, 2016
Bournville, Birmingham.
A few months ago I finished a build/refurb log on this jukebox. I wanted something different to normal wood so I went for the black finish. Also christened it the 'Black Magic' jukebox.

Have now decided to sell it on (or trade it - or part cash/part trade).

Brand new Sound Leisure vinyl jukes go out for £8,995 base price, and similar to apple products you dont see them discounted.

Currently its on ebay for £5750 or best offer. So I would say £5K is bottom line cash price.

Holds 70 singles giving 140 choices. All the metal work is actual metal (Wurlitzers for the last 25 years have used plastic that is sprayed chrome).

Made in the UK. Great sound (120 watts) - has 5 speakers internally. All lighting is the sound leisure diamond lighting pack, no fluorescent tubes and crappy old turning motors to do the visual effects. Brand new styllii fitted.

Couple of videos here:

I do not play the audio too much as youtube block it.

Any questions / trades / etc - just ask.

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