Shop Logs Welcome


Staff member
Mar 15, 2012
Luton, UK
It was suggested we should store the Shop Logs people write to one place so they will not be lost. They are a fantastic resource to the community as they help people see how things are done and can be used when you are stuckas you didn't take enough pictures. They also can inspire people to strip down their machines, give them a good clean and restore them to former glory.

Shop Logs posted in other areas will be moved here to preserve them, plus other threads which show breakdown and rebuilds will also be moved if they end up a sort of shop log.

There are no real rules for your shop logs but we do like pictures so I would ask if you can always try to take some before shots so we can compare them to the after ones.
Thread titles should include the name of the machine so people can find ones that relate to their own projects.
Update: A shop log can now be marked as "In Progress" or "Complete" to help show a full completed piece of work.