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Shaker motor, can the force of the shake be changed


Sep 21, 2023
East Yorkshire
Hi, I am thinking of installing a shaker motor in my Godzilla. I have not used one before, but I noticed Stern and Pinsound offer versions. Does anyone know if the force of the shake can be adjusted if I find it annoying? I always remember hating PS5's extra vibrating controllers. But thinking that with the Godzilla theme, shaking might add to the experience. Also, I read some people posted that they can shake the glass, assuming that because the LE versions come with shakers preinstalled, they don't do long-term damage to the machine [apols if this is a daft question, just can't find the answer]
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A shaker is great in Godzilla. You want it to rumble/shake rather than vibrate.

I believe you can physically adjust the weights to change the intensity/effect. Never done it myself but I'm sure someone else can confirm.
GZ is super nice with shaker the feedback is brilliant right down to the thunderous footsteps.
In fact I have a shaker in all my sterns and although they not needed for me it takes the game up a notch.
Great question actually and one I thought of before.

On Sterns can you change force of the shaker "force of the shake can be adjusted" low, medium or high ?
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I changed the force in the Stern Shaker on my TWD but not by using the settings. Those just change how often the shaker deploys. TWD is Sam system, Spike might be different.

The shaker has two offset weights that revolve around an axle. The weights point in the same direction and are held on with allen screws.

By rotating one weight through 90 degrees the shake was softened nicely.
Wow, mega, thanks, guys. All installed, and it's bloody awesome. Love it. Feels like the full house is shaking :) . seriously it so fits in with the theme. The rumble as Godzilla roars, class
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