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For Sale Retro Arcade Specialists Pinball parts and mods for sale

David retro

Site Supporter
Feb 8, 2022
Norfolk Uk
Welcome to our first thread on the forum from here we will list our available parts and mods for pinball
Abit about us we are a Great Yarmouth based business supplying all types of arcades, pinball and parts to both home users and commercial arcades
we also repair, restore and manufacture in house
over the next few months we will be expanding more into parts manufacturing right here in the UK to try combat the rising prices in pinball parts when importing
We stock a wide range of parts currently including Pinsound , Comet pinball and Xpin we are the sole UK distributor for these products
our range of parts and mods expands each week as we add new products
We also order in custom orders for hard to find parts from all around the world
Forum members will get sneak peaks at new products and discounts when available

To order please either visit our website below or send us a message on the forum

our website can be found here
Comet Pinball Leds
the best choice for upgrading your game lighting with so many options to choose from there is endless possibility's for every game
just a few of our top choices
-2 SMD Bulbs - these are great for gi illumination stocked in a range of colors including the popular sunlight white
-4X1 Towers- for super bright illumination
-8 SMD Flashers - the go to for led flashers
-1 SMD non ghosting- perfect to illuminate flicker in some games and great in play field inserts
-Trough lighting kits -great to bring some light into the often dark ball trough area

We make full game kits and even custom ones too just message us direct if your games not currently listed
both frosted and clear options are available in most bulbs


Titan Pinball NOW IN STOCK
more colours being added each week
More exciting things landing very soon
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We are the UK distributor for X pin Products
with direct replacements for a wide range of boards and displays to suit most games from digit displays to single colour led DMD

order yours here

(please note while the x pin usa shop is down our stock is low in stock items will be shipped same day back ordered items will be restocked once they resume work and fill orders )
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We are the UK stockist for Pinsound a range of high quality replacement sound boards, speakers, shaker motors and more
Why not try the pinsound plus board for better quality sound from your old game or even use a new remastered sound package
add some pinsound speakers for crisp quality sound
and lastly a upgraded shaker motor to bring that factory fresh shake feel back to life in your old games
lots more products available

available to order here

in stock items are shipped same day
back ordered items are normally delivered within 5 working days
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Mezel Mods
First stock arrives tommrow 14/11/2022
Any one who has requested an item will be contacted tommrow to get there orders in once these have been sorted the rest of the range will be added to the website
Any items you’d like from mezel before Christmas needs to be sent over to me before this coming Friday(18/11/2022) to ensure before Christmas delivery
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We are happy to announce another great product is coming this week from the guys in Canada at white north retro we will have 50 units of the data east noise filter

Available to order yours now
shipment due in 04/11/22

More exciting things to come soon
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Gotta say your new prices seem reasonable. But used games prices are bit all
Over the place.. 😨

I will take an Elvira Premium at £10,650.
New sterns are due to yet another price increase due to import cost and the dollar against the £ rate
We will have bond available for pre order over the next few days
Our refurbished games are 95% imported games we fully refurbish in house and due to all the fees associated with imports ect prices do fluctuate
Elvira was only a small release and sold out instantly upon being listed with other sellers
Why do you advertise pinball for sale that will never be available again nib ie stranger things Le and other Le games I can add to my cart and checkout ?
Why do you advertise pinball for sale that will never be available again nib ie stranger things Le and other Le games I can add to my cart and checkout ?
Hi Chris
They should be available to view and not order I will check this out now and adjust it thank you for point this out to me I appreciate your feedback
"We also order in custom orders for hard to find parts from all around the world"

Can you speak with Spooky and get some TNA 2.0 machines :)
David is a top man, my most recent led jobs (Diner and Bk2k) were all Comet and provided by Retro Arcade Specialists. I had got frustrated finding the right Comets for what I wanted so I messaged David after a reccomendation on this forum.

Really good customer service which can be rare these days. I had many questions about stock and Comet varieties you couldn't get at any other UK stockist, he was upfront about stock levels and when another shipment was arriving. Even ordered in and started stocking the less common Comets after a request.
Hi Alan Titans will be added and are coming in soon i would think over the next week or so they will be available
That’s great David thank you for getting back to me. I’m wanting to put in purple for my Metallica. I will get some comets to brighten up a couple of areas as well whilst I’m at it. Great to be able to get these items in the uk 👍🏻
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