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Sold Pink Tutu Pancreatic Cancer - EM refurbishment Co. presents: Bally Sky Kings Auction

A big heart felt thanks to you all for the support with this, i really appreciate it.

Thank you to @strobey for his not insignificant contributions, plenty more EMs in the sea mate… 😜

Congratulations @Mednec, your persistence has paid off. You will soon be the proud owner of a not new, not inbox but never the less restored and revitalised Bally Sky Kings Electro Mechanical pinball machine.👏👏👏👏👏

I will PM you shortly to discuss payment and collection. 👍🙏

More fund raising antics coming soon… I will be in touch within a month or so with sone further details of how you can help me raise some more dosh for Pancreatic Cancer.👀👂👁💪

Thanks again to @Paul for allowing me to run this.

@Mooseman i will change sale status soon i promise 😜😎

Thanks again.

Y’all rock!
Nice one John, really great cause.

Congrats @Mednec for the winning bid. It's a stunning looking 1P EM and the work that's gone into it is impressive. Plays really nice.

When you're bored of it drop me a line!
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