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Obscure PinSound issue with T2


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Oct 19, 2022
Hi all

I know you can post on PinSound's forums but it is barren so I'm hoping I can get some help here.

I have a strange issue with one particular sound pack for my T2. It's the original sound pack. I should note that the flexibility of PinSound is great - so much so that's a combination of the L8.4 ROM and PinSound, you can switch the "profanity" on and off as long as you have the accompanised file. That element works a treat, but the issue I'm having is driving me crackers.

I have been on for hours trying to solve this issue. When using the original sound pack by Averell, whenever I activate the database and get the options, the file within the folder 1589175137-mystery_background correctly plays.

A random reward is chosen on the DMD. Most of the time this music doesn't stop after the option has been granted and the game goes back to regular mode or, if applicable, another mode. See below video.

Here, you can see I got Video Mode, which is a great example - the Video Mode music doesn't play, the 1589175137-mystery_background just plays until the ball is drained.

To dig deeper, I activated a recording on PinSound Studio Pro and played a game, and even on PinSound Studio Pro, it accurately emulates that sound playing over and over again EVEN IF you scroll back up before it at the start of the recording. That sound keeps bleating away. Something is corrupt somewhere.

So I downloaded the original pack from PinSound, and noticed that the number on the file is different. There, it is 1341348437-mystery_background.

I cannot for the life of me get my PinSound board to recognise this set of files. Whether it be .pspack format, or regular file format generated from PinSound Studio Pro.

So the only feasible option was to rename my folder from 1589175137-mystery_background to 1341348437-mystery_background to test it. Guess what? This didn't work, and the sound didn't play at all despite me deleting the .cache, .mix files, and the tmp folder.

I've now even put in another file, same length, different file size from PinSound's website, it plays, but still with the same issue.

I am at my wits end. Does anyone have any other ideas?

The file is 1:59 long which is excessive, does anyone have this working perfectly and can tell me the length of their sound file in that folder (as well as the folder name).

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