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Next Spooky Pinball


Feb 8, 2020
Chelmsford Essex
Hi Pinball People
With Spooky about to drop their next game I have just joined the fang club and I am eagerly anticipating the announcement.
There are a number of theme rumours being kicked about and more than a couple would be dream themes for me (Beetlejuice, Evil Dead, Big Trouble In Little China)
With Rick & Morty selling out in 4 hours last time I’d hate to miss out on one of my ultimate dream themes. So my question is, for those of you that were lucky enough to be in on a Rick and Morty last time how does it all work?
When the order banks open do you go straight to Spooky’s website to lock one down and if so do Spooky ship to the UK?
Or do you have to contact your Distro and go through them?
I’d appreciate it a lot if any of you guys can help shed some light on this for me and give me any tips for the day when order banks open.

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