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Mustang PRO, Ball stuck under left ramp.


Sep 14, 2014
Belgium Antwerp
I've recently bought a mustang pro, one thing I notice is a ball often gets stuck behind the left ramp, sometimes during multiball and sometimes when shooting the left orbit, the ball bouncing back off the up post to get stuck behind the lowered ramp. Ball search releases it.... SEE video: https://streamable.com/hz3d22

Midramp coil is working perfectly in test modus (up and down).... left orbit switch is registering too (switch registering before going under left ramp)... i hear a zoom during gameplay but the ramp doesnt goes up to release the ball. (very few times its working as it should be...)
I`ve noticed the coil is getting very hot too.... i see in test modus also COIL Test, Mid ramp Hold Power #4 but no idea what it`s doing or how to test it... can the problem be here? Or mechanical problem but why its working then in test modust all the time ?

Also at pinside i found 2 users with exactly the same problem but the topics never found a solution or any reply.
Any help is mostly welcome !

Thanks in advance.


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Hi, are you sure ? very strange as sometimes, very few times the gate opens when ball is under the ramp. (most of the time not)
Someone said on the pinside forum to hold the left flipper button to open the gate but doesnt work neither... hard to find some owner of the Mustang pinball....
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