Monster Pinball Meet - Flip Out's 2nd Birthday!!

Monster Pinball Meet - Flip Out's 2nd Birthday!!
Posted by Matt Vince
Flip Out London Pinball Club
Saturday, November 30, 2019 - 10:00 AM
Until: Sunday, December 1, 2019 - 07:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

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Den - aka Wolfgang

Oct 22, 2019
@Nickoss II @Matt Vince @Mike Parkins and Robin, Tim (and a bunch of others) well done for a great weekend of pinball - lots of effort went in and I enjoyed it. Thanks.
Huge thanks for everyone organising and running the show - was a great weekend and thanks to everyone for making a begginer like me feel welcome.
If there's anyone who hasn't hasn't been to Flipout yet, I'd definitely recommend getting down there and getting to know everyone; a good bunch of people and some top players to learn from too.
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Jul 21, 2011
Fantastic weekend. The Club just keeps getting better and better everytime I visit, the hard work that you guys keep putting in is massively appreciated. Looking forward to the next visit already.

Cheers, Craig

Nickoss II

May 31, 2016
Phew, well I don't know about you guys, but I'm absoluteley knackered.

Thanks everyone for coming down for the event, especially those who stayed for the session on Saturday evening, which was an absolute blast - most fun I've had in ages.

Massive thanks to @skweek for working tirelessley over the last four days fixing machines and keeping the show on the road - couldn't have done it without you mate.
Huge thanks to @Matt Vince , @clive2017 and Diane for a lot of work and heavy lifting on Friday preparing and beutifying the lounge, @Neil McRae for running the stream and the whole Flip Out crew in making the whole event possible.

Congratulations @roadshow16 winner of today's Birthday Bash, with a dominant performance across the final, setting a new high score 1 of 3.5bn in the process, beating @Wayne J @Matt Vince and @robotgreg in the final in some consistently high scoring games from all players (so appologies to those who wanted to get home).

Well done @PUP , clear winner of the Monster Meet ahead of @Wayne J @Neil McRae and @mufcmufc in a closely fought final - which needed a nail biting three way tie breaker to resolve the final trophies.

Hats off also to the Monster Meet's Junior Champion, Leo Marshall and Ladies Champion, Diane Bush.

Get home safe evwryone, and roll on mext year.

Full results are below

Birthday Bash:
1 Craig Pullen
2 Wayne Johns
3 Matt Vince
4 Greg Mott
5 Paul Owen
=6 Andrew Foster
=6 Stan Simpson
8 Tim Thornton
9 David Tucker
=10 David Fowler
=10 Thomas Evrenos
12 Anton Stewart
13 Ed Rojas
14 Nick Marshall
15 Dan Lewell
16 Graham Swaffield
17 Robin Kemp
18 Bob Marlow
19 Sam McCourt
20 Nick Hamill
21 Mike Kindler
22 Phoebe Lewell
23 Clive Bush
24 Jay Parker
25 Leo Marshall
26 Neil McRae
27 Dennis Osborne
=28 Edina Berta
=28 Lucy Vince
30 Rayne Passmore
31 Gavin Winning
32 Mark Johnson
33 Effie Lewell
34 John Boffin
35 Mark Squires
=36 Alex Berta
=36 Ben Leigh
38 Sarah Vince
=39 Jenette Passmore
=39 Diane Bush
41 Simon Gumpright
42 Jay Miller

Monster Meet

Wayne J

Site Supporter
Jul 22, 2011
Great weekend so big thanks to everyone that made it happen.
3 different formats of competitions which all worked well.
Sorry for delaying the final of the last comp, due to being in the other final😁


Site Supporter
Jul 21, 2011
Northampton, UK
Thanks to all involved for running a great event. Pheebs was especially happy to add @roadshow16 to her list of top players that shes beaten, just wish I could do the same. :D

We could only make yesterday, so I missed Saturdays comp!! Not sure @thelab will forgive me...:rofl:
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