Monster Bash remake motor replacement

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Jul 18, 2016
Bournville, Birmingham.
Just in case this is any help to folks in the future....

The target motor (that is also the same as the table motor) started to play up in my Chicago gaming MBrm. Having looked on line I could not find any replacements from the usual pinball suppliers. So I did some research, found and fitted a replacement motor that does the job a little better than the original.

motor old.jpg
Here is the old motor....

motor n1.jpg
This is the new one......

Fixings are exactly the same. It is important to get the polarity correct on these motors. I also extended the cable a bit as I felt that the wires were a bit short and could possibly break prematurely.

mot old new.jpg
OLD on the left - NEW on the right. The original motor was dismantled to try and 'clean' it as that was the fault and not the gearbox, that is why the base of it looks a little hacked.....

motor in 1.jpgmotor in 3.jpgmotor in2.jpg
Some pics of the motor fitted.

LINK TO THE MOTOR - under £15 delivered.

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 23.28.07.png

Has been fitted and working quite nicely for the last week.

On trying to trace details on the original motor it does state that the original is 50 RPM but I can not honestly tell the difference. Weird thing is they do a 6v motor and the motor in the game runs at 6v, but uses a 12v spec motor.

So there you go!


Jul 21, 2011
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John Whitfield
Isn’t the 3 months thing irrelevant if you bought it in the U.K./EU.? I though it everything had to be a minimum of 12 months?

I fully understand it’s easier if you just change it yourself but isn’t it about where you bought it rather than where it was made. If you buy a phone it’s covered by U.K. rather than Chinese laws