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List of machine repairers?

Andy Hancock

Site Supporter
Mar 30, 2015
What a great idea . This would reassure people hovering on the site wondering whether pinball ownership is feasible and hence grow the community

Pick Holder

Site Supporter
Jul 18, 2016
Bournville, Birmingham.
I keep meaning to get in touch with my fellow repairers and do a uk site with the areas we cover.
We do of course cross over areas but generally we all have our strengths.
If someone wanted an EM done I’d send them to Mark Squires or Andy N as I know they are both great in that field.
I also don’t really do absolute full restorations. I’d send people Darren’s number if they want a cabinet restored for example, or buy a Chris B or Pinball Heaven restoration
I would say that room for all of us exists in this industry.

My area is usually within 3 hours drive from central Birmingham.
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