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JJP GNR Pinball

I tell you something - the pinball industry know how to do launches dont they !?!?!

I hear Apple are going to hire either JJP or Deadroot to do the next iPhone launch.....

Can you imagine the reaction if Apple pulled an announcement five mins before it was due?!

Pinball marketing is laughably amateurish. Even Stern struggle to make a decent announcement, let alone the rest.

I thought Spooky did quite well with the R&M reveal given their size though.
I thing I don’t get is that the entire pinball world seem to know it’s been Guns and Roses for ages, so why wait........Just announce it already!

It’s seems only Stern can keep it fairly quiet prior to release (no one I saw predicted Avengers much before release).

JJP are great machines, I am just personally not interested in another old man rock theme!
^^^ Axl 58 - Slash 55
Not exactly ancient but I get where your coming from.
Music today sucks......
Led Zeppelin qualifies as old man
Standard body,?
shot through pops to rollovers?
Left and Right ramp only?
Flipped image..

Looks like there's a kickback, so no double plunger.

Big upper pf top left?

Centre scoop?

Spin toy or rotating mechdaac581ef278c807bb24aa8ccb2713cc.jpg
Long shot through the pops, i bet that's nice.

What the hell is all the woodworm? Micro led inserts again?
One Pinsider looked at the undersside of the playfield and did a mock-up of what he thought it would look like, he’s apparently got experience doing this sort of stuff.
The designer from JJP chimed in when he’s seen what he did 😂:-

Okay, first proco, well done lad. Well done!

Second, JJP commenting like they did. +1 in my books. They hardly ever comment. Nice to see they monitor the threads.

Third, this view kinda reminds me of CFTBL
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