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Each to their own, but I think it looks terrible!

Hides the side blades and doesn’t blend well at all!
I prefer them stuck to the sides but then you need to remember to move them out the way which you don’t😏
Came fitted to my LOTR and actually looks ok but my lighting is good so not really needed.
Don’t like those mounting posts though, don’t look very strong. Would look better with black sides, maybe.
I acquired a set of Pinstadiums on TH when I bought it and actually removed them to put on my TZ.
IMO they are an awesome addition to an older pin without all this New LED lighting Stern introduced back in 2013 or summit.
Would I pay $300? No but each to their own.
I did however make some really nice snide/fake versions for myself and fitted to a couple of older pins at a fraction of the cost @ approx £30 all in.
Although these were not active with phone app and extra flashing strip they Operated like a kinda passive floodlight. I was more than happy as they were suprisingly really good as the light was below the glass so zero glare inc great control of brightness (also colour if that’s what floats ur boat)
Moral here if you like the idea rig up a home brew set with a £6 led strip 1st

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