How to take apart a No3 record metal vice

carl lawrence

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Jul 31, 2011
Going to shop my newly acquired vice ,it is very oily but this is how to take this model apart to clean ...IMG_20200511_201721388.jpg
First thing is to turn it upside down , next thing to do is to remove the split pin ,this will release the washer and spring and then spin the handle untill it comes out of the housingIMG_20200511_202609704.jpgthis pic shows where the split pin is located
Once the handle is removed it's time to separate the vice . You will need a hammer and nail punch , but you can use a strong nail . This is to release the worm screw which holds the two halves together . located between the bolt hole and slot you will see a approx 5mm pin that needs to be punched through
IMG_20200511_202820497.jpgnext is to tap out the worm screw
IMG_20200511_202907228.jpgwhen you tap that thing this is what comes out
IMG_20200511_202946981.jpg now you can pull the to halves apart .next thing to do is to unscrew the four screws on the jaws .you must clean the slots of the screws it's imperative that you do this before trying to unscrew the screws . To unscrew the screws I found using a small socket spanner with a screwdriver bit in itIMG_20200511_203127540.jpgIMG_20200511_210733102.jpgIMG_20200511_211015253.jpg
Already now for the big clean up and repainting ...